Kinch Premium

A Professional and Personal Analytics Service to help Competitive Fortnite Players
Free 1-week trial, then $8 per month
All services are provided through the Kinch Analytics Discord

The video below explains what is included in this service, or you can read the summary text below.

It is run through our Discord, which has free info channels and all the info for Premium subscribers.

Tournament preparation
  • Kinch’s personal thoughts about the points system and how you should play
  • Points estimates and breakdowns of what will be required to qualify in terms of elims/placement during your 10 games several hours before
  • Advice on when you need to queue by for your last game
Live Points Estimates (EU/NA)
  • Pre-round estimates before the tournaments start
  • Updated estimates throughout the tournament
  • The live estimates had an average error of just 0.71% in Chapter 5 Season 1!
Perfect Dropmaps
  • Mathematically Perfect Dropmaps provided through partnership with
  • Over 100 existing locations and request any new dropspots
  • Each subscription month you will be able to claim 2 dropmaps
Dropspot Ratings (EU/NA)
  • We rate every Dropspot's Loot and Materials and how Contested it is
  • From this data we can tell you the best dropspots on the map!
Helpful Bots
  • Game Planner AI - gives you a plan for the rest of the tournament, including when to wait for easier lobbies, when to wkey, what placement/elims you need in each game etc
  • Series Points Bot - during FNCS calculate what placements you need to qualify for Heats
Personal Service
  • Kinch himself is active in Premium Chat
  • You can ask him quick questions about rules, series points, qualification points, etc.